Monday, December 3, 2012

December Photo Project 2012

Day 3

We are officially wheat and gluten free.  Tony has been for 11 months and I have been for 1 month.  He is feeling wonderful and I am getting use to this new life and the changes that go with it.  Examples below.

                                   Breakfast is way different now, notice how pretty it looks. 

                   No more peanut butter on muffin or toast so celery is the stand in for our peanut fix.

                                       On the road to new and better health!


  1. you'll have to try either Udi's or Rudi's rice bread. you can't even tell they are gluten free! they cost a pretty penny but it helps ease the pain of no wheat ;) also the rice pasta in the purple bag with the bunny on it (cant recall the brand) is awesome.
    good for you!!!

    1. We tried both breads which were pretty good but spendy. Watching the total carb counts in our diet regardless of the gluten free. More veggies, too bad it isn't summer. Next year, huge veggie garden!

  2. Replies
    1. A great blog for recipes is The Gluten Free Girl. She has been gluten free for a long time and her husband is a professional chef so they have good recipes.


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