Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Photo Project 2012

Day 20

Technology frustrates the crap out of me.  Sorry, but I am frazzled from trying to learn how to use a new phone.  We had to get a new one, our old phones were about 4 years old, no fancy stuff, and the network was constantly dropping us in mid call.  Nothing more frustrating that calling Farmer Tony, can see him and know that his phone is not ringing.  I could yell faster than that but the neighbors don't need to hear us.  The new phones will do a million things in the store, but not at home, we can't seem to get voice mail to work, taking a photo is confusing, there are so many apps that I don't have clue what they are.  In January they will offer a class on how to use your phone.  A class, imagine... phone rings, pick it up and say hello. Hoping the class is more informative than the manual which says nothing and in many other languages.  Guess I am not smart enough for a smart phone.  I am also giving away my age too, probably. Oh well, we will probably eventually figure it all out but by that time our phone will be 4 years old again and passe.

Enough bi*ching, I need to spend more time outside or at least in the greenhouse where life is way more normal and relaxed.

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  1. I have this more than once lately from other people that got new Smart phones, maybe they should put an age limit on them 35 and younger?? ha, ha. It won't be long and you'll be taking beautiful pictures like the one you have on it now.


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