Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quotable Sunday  December 9, 2012

Planning for Next Year.

This time of year is all about planning....what flowers to grow, how many to grow, how many times to plant the flowers, how many seeds to buy, how many different colors to get, what row will they go in, what hoopty do will they be planted, which seed company has the best price, how will we get our flowers to designers, will they like our choices, what is the popular flower, and on and on and on.  We make plans every year and we follow them along and then oops the wheels come off and the plan is not followed and we are flying by the seat of our pants.  Very scary!!!  So once again we set off with a plan, a plan to get the seeds ordered early so as not to be distracted by the pretty catalogs.  A plan to grow only a few new flowers and try them out.  A plan to grow our regular flowers well and for longer periods of time, sustainably and with an eye to what grows well and where.  Planning that consists of calendars, to-do lists and computer data that we keep up with for the season and not for a few weeks or month.  We plan to make a good plan, I just hope we can.......

Important rules to watch in living. Keep life simple. Avoid watching for a knock in your motor. Learn to like work. Have a good hobby. Learn to be satisfied. Like people, say cheerful pleasant things. Turn the defeat of adversity into victory. Meet your problems with decision. Make the present moment a success. Always be planning something. Say "nuts" to irritations.
John A. Schindler

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