Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quotable Sunday 2012

Slow Flowers

I am excited with the upcoming publication of Debra Prinzing's new book Slow Flowers.  Here's a link to her web page discussing the beginnings of her journey in writing her new book. stop-smell-and-gather-the-roses.
In her blog, she talks about the beginnings of the slow flower movement that is just starting and how it is similar to the slow food movement.  I have been thinking about that idea for a while and here is my personal take on slow flowers.

Slow flowers is about patience and nurturing and about the magical aspect of nature.  As I sit looking at a vase of snapdragons and gladiolas and I think about how long ago they were planted and how they have just come into bloom in the deepest darkest part of the season, I think, WOW, magical!  Snaps are the MOST tiniest seeds there is to plant by hand, one at a time into a soil block.  How can this tiny little speck grow to such lovely heights of color. Magical, with a little bit of nurturing it along and a beautiful bloom graces your table.  But it takes patience. It is not about having it now, when I want it; but waiting and helping it to grow for the beautiful reward that will come in the future. When it does bloom and is sitting on your counter, it is just that much more special because you grew it, nurtured it and waited for its time.

      The beginnings of the 2013 season, little snapdragons  and the end of 2012 season with the lovely blossoms.

So as we plant more tiny little snapdragon, lisianthus, stock and many other seeds this week, we will remind ourselves that it takes patience, a bit of nurturing and the magic of Mother Nature to have flowers in our house and for our friends, designers and customers who love locally grown flowers. It is about waiting for all good things to come in their own time.  Just like the perfect strawberry in June or the perfect tomato in August, the perfect flower is worth waiting for too. Slow flowers are worth the wait!

     "Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."
                     Ralph Waldo Emerson

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