Monday, July 22, 2013

Flowers in the House.

I thought I would take a moment from bridal consultations, ordering for next year, planting seeds for next spring and cutting for designers; to play with some flowers. I haven't been to the party at Jane's house for a couple of months; just too many spinning plates.  But Farmer Tony brought in a lily that was not ordered.  It came in a group of purple/white lilies but it is not one of them.  We both thought it was beautiful for the late season of summer and so I just had to do something with it. What do you think of the lily?

Nice huh, now I must find the variety and order some of them for next year's lily production.  More computer and paper work.

Had a wedding this weekend where I thought I might like to put some roses in to the bouquets.  But when I was making the bouquets the roses looked a little sad and wilted so they stayed in the bucket.  Hating to waste flowers, another home bouquet was made.

      What a happy mistake, the roses perked up and other than a couple of petals were fluffy, gorgeous and the fragrance was delightful.  Should have known the Kordes roses would look wonderful and they do on my table.

Not too sure about baby's breath except the gals really want it.

The last vase of flowers is my weekly tradition of what we call : Jam it in a vase flowers. Leftovers that I am not ready to toss and not spending a lot of time arranging. Just want something colorful on the counter.

So there you go, a few flowers in the house.  The best part of Jane's party is seeing all the other flowers in homes around the world.  Check it out at Jane's small but charming blog post.

                                                      Happy summer day!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spinning Plates!

Quotable Sunday 07/07/2013

Spinning Plates

Oh, those spinning plates, how they spin and spin. Oh, how we run madly around just trying to keep those plates spinning.  It is tiring, confusing and is taking a toil on all the creativity that I need, to do this work well.  Something has to give. There are so many tasks that are not getting done,  ordering for next year, succession planting and general upkeep of home and garden. There are major projects that need to be completed, the building of a couple new hoop houses, soil improvements and cover cropping and fall planting.  And we are so very excited to being providing wedding flowers for a large group of happy couples. My mind is constantly racing trying to keep track of everything and everybody, where we need to be and what to they want us to provide.  I am feeling a tiny bit of fatigue set in every once in a while when I feel I just need to sit a moment and be able to think, design, create and dream.  

So I have decided I am going to set one plate down for just a few weeks, so that I can keep the other spinning.  This weekly blog entry is the plate I am setting down.  I know in my heart that this is a risk because I am a horrid procrastinator and making a commitment to do this every weekend helps me break that procrastination bug I have.   I also realize that I am breaking a commitment to you the reader, but I need to focus on my creativity side to do a really special job with these wedding flowers. So I hope all will understand and bear with us while we get our feet under us and get our tasks done. 

"When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another - and ourselves" --Jack Kornfield
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