Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Flowers

Yesterday, Valentine's Day, I went to help out a local florist, make bouquets and deliver flowers around the city.  I had a great time, surrounded by many others, making beautiful arrangements, helping customers and brightening people's day.  They had been working for several days and were getting tired but still working their hearts out.  At one point, one asked me if I was tired of flowers yet?  My quick answer was no, never, I am one of those flower nerds that just loves to play with flowers.  The quick  response but not the entire truth.  I feel so strongly about the flowers that I grow them also, in addition to playing with them in arrangements. I never tire of  flowers, I may get tired from the hard work but never of the flowers.  It is hard to express the love of flowers and the magic I feel when I can get them to bloom for me.  When you think about the tiniest seeds, or odd shaped bulbs going in to the ground, maybe spending the winter in the cold and dark, waiting, for the moment when it gets the signal it is time, and it  pushes its way out and produce the first bloom of the season.  It is amazing and magical, at least for me.  When it sits in a pretty vase or bottle, by your bedside, on your dining room table and just smiles at you , hoping for a smile back; how can one not see how wonderful a flower is and how much it should be valued.  I know it is not food, or a fancy electronic device but it is real, it is natural, it is valuable.  In the times we live, where everything is the biggest, the fastest, the flashiest, maybe we should slow down a bit, look for the simple, the small, the elegant, the beauty and the glory of the natural world around us.  

So, after making many beautiful arrangements and surrounded by so many beautiful flowers, those little anemones in that bottle made me really happy because we grew them. The first blooms of the season, not enough to share yet but soon.  Other flower people  may want jewelry, dinners and other fancy presents which are lovely, but the thing that makes my heart sing, are pretty little flowers.

Thanks sweetie for the flowers!

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  1. I'm totally with you on that one can't wait to get my hands on my own grown from seeds, cuttings, bulb planting etc. and make beautiful bouquets for my own enjoyment or for others.


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