Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quotable Sunday 2-19-2012

We decided a while back that maybe we should do a blog about growing flowers.  Or I should do a blog about flower farming with Tony as occasional featured author.  I am not very comfortable writing, as you probably can tell.  In my head, I am very conversational but what comes out on the key board is a grade school letter to Grandma ( How are You?  I am fine.)  I think I am scarred and scared to put words to paper, maybe my childhood trauma of my brother reading my diary to his friends and everyone laughing is the reason.  Oh well, very long time ago.  Any way the challenge was to write something at LEAST once a week.  How hard would that be,  just write about pretty flowers and show lots of photos.  Well here it is Sunday and I am going "what do I write about?"  Nothing is blooming, we are just planting, and planting and more planting.  I am waiting for the beautiful ranunculus and anemones to bloom.  Waiting for the daffodils and tulips to bloom.  What  is there to say or show?  Okay here are some photos from around the farm.
                                    Here are some roses that are budding out and need to be pruned.             
                                                 Alliums that have just come up.
The capillary mats are working well and the propagation house is filling up.
The daffodils are poking through the ground and really starting to grow and bud up.

The camellia has lots of buds on it.  It is a soft pink variety.

Brodiaea is coming up in a box that is supposed to be cleaned out.  Mmm, wonder if it will get to stay?

And even some ranunculus from a season ago has sprouted.  Boy they are tough little buggers.  Wonder if they will stay?  These boxes will have another round of anemones planted in them on March 1st.

So there is a small tour of the place.  Lots & lots of clean up yet to happen.  Just waiting for the pretty flower pictures.  So stay with us and please wait for the springtime flowers.  It is almost here.

"The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination"
-Terri Guillemets-

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  1. That's very interesting to me. Keep up the good work I love the pictures.


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