Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Flowers

We planted last fall, we nurtured and protected all winter and now that spring is just a day or two away, we are rewarded with spring flowers.  Nothing like spring flowers blooming to create a sigh of relief that all the hard work and hours of worry is finally paying off.  We are so grateful to all the interest in our flowers and so love sharing them with fantastic designers and florists.  

For me, I get the leftovers. Don't get me wrong, I love the leftovers, pretty much leftovers in general.  Some dishes and stews just taste better the next day.  The leftover flowers are the ones that just didn't grow as tall or got snacked on by slugs or grew twisted stems or mostly said it is time to bloom and did so while we were seeding their buddies for summer.  So this month's flowers in the house are the goof balls and dainties, their gorgeous pretty girl friends are all ready gone from the farm.

 Hopefully these will brighten your day and give you hope that spring is on its way.  

Check out Jane's flowers in the house party over at Smallbut Charming blog.  It is always a great treat and worth a visit.  Thank you Jane for hosting.


  1. Wow if those are the leftovers what could the pretty girls have looked like?

    Beautiful. You have truly brightened my day.

    Now let's spread the joy.

    xo Jane

  2. They are all so vibrant and deep and rich in color. Nature is truly fabulous.

  3. What gorgeous leftovers. And I love the vases you've put them in. A bright and cheerful display, indeed!

  4. oooh, lovely! Those anemones are so zingy! Thanks for sharing. x

  5. I love the dafs and red anemones. You are getting really good at picture taking.

  6. If those are the "seconds", the "firsts" must have been incredible. Just lovely!

  7. Fabulous flowers to brighten everyone's day! What joy it must be to see these lovelies come to life. You were so kind to share ... smiles from my house to yours... s~

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful compliments. Everyone is so kind!

  9. Wonderful leftovers! All the flowers I pick seem to be nibbled by something! x
    Penny x

  10. I have bring anemones to the party too!
    Yours are perfect :)


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