Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quotable Sunday 03/10/2013

Busy busy busy.......

The sun has been shining for the last couple of days and we are busy seeding, planting and caring for our little flower seedlings.  We are playing catch up after being ill for most of February. So much for the word of the year being healthy, but I am feeling much better now and working my fanny off trying to get the seeding caught up. 

So here it is Saturday night and my homework is due tomorrow(this blog) and I am not sure what to talk about so when in doubt go with pretty pictures. 

This is a new daffodil for us called Ice King.  It is big and fluffy and creamy looking.

No matter how diligent one is at picking daffodils before they open, mostly because I was busy in the greenhouse, they exploded open and then became ours for the house.  Aw shucks, what a shame to have them in our house.
They are everywhere. Still our designers received so many!!

Our anemones are producing like crazy and we are constantly picking them.  Some teeny ones ended up on my counter and window sill.

So forgive us for not being more chatty and just know that we are busy, busy busy.... working for beautiful flowers for this season.

One last thing, thank you to the folks at homestead

they posted a link to our making soil blocks blog and we have had a great many visitors to our blog.  Thank you to those who emailed and asked further questions, we hope it was helpful.  Check out the web site, it has a lot of great information.

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.  ~Margaret Atwood


  1. Smell like dirt? I love it. That picture at the end is beautiful.

    1. Everyday we smell like dirt Ha ha!! Thanks so much!

  2. Great quote! Beautiful daffodils...but then I scrolled down and saw the anemones, I'm swooning.


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