Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quotable Sunday 03/24/2013


Ask a flower farmer what their favorite flower is and they will probably say, I love them all  and can't choose or will love the fancy flowers of roses, peonies and lilies.  I love some flowers more especially for their season.  The daffodil is one of my favorite for the early spring season.  I love how it grows in the cold dreary part of the winter, sending up fronds to say, I am still here, just wait.  How it grows and spreads and multiplies into other little friends and says just wait, there is more of us.  How at just the right time of the season, it bows its head and says, pick me now if you want me to last.  And no matter how hard you try and keep up with the picking, a warm sunny day; the kind of day that says spring might just be here, the daffodils can't wait any longer and bust out blooming. How can you not love all that cheerfulness.

We have them in pots, under the trees, and out in the front of the property.  They grow and naturalizes so well here.  There are even fields of daffodils where they are really raising grass seed.  The daffodils come up, show off and then die back while the grass grows and never get touched and come back year after year. They are so smart to be not so tasty to the deer and other critters so they don't get nibbled on. 

We are raising quite a few varieties for our flower markets, mostly the double and fragrant daffodils.  We have approached this slowly as when they grow practically wild we have been testing the interest level and it has been great.  

For the past few weeks, I have been meeting with many lovely young gals who are planning their weddings for this year.  Lots of flower talk, bouquets, table centerpieces, colors, ribbon;  it has been so fun and exciting to help them plan their special day.  It created an urge in me to play with some flowers.  So taking some field daffodils and some fancy daffs that got away from me,  I played.

I had a blast making this bouquet and a few other goodies.  It was fun to get back into the wedding mode and stretch and play.  I am so excited about the new season of weddings that I will play a small part in those couple's  magical day. 

For a few lovely days, I will be able to gaze upon this little bouquet and be amazed by the colors, textures and just the beauty of the flowers and know that it was worth the wait.  I bow down to you little daffodils.

"All day long blew the daffodils,
Oh, what a sight to see,
A myriad gold-gowned daffodils,
Moved to a rhythmic glee."
-Teresa Hooley-


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