Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quotable Sunday 09/02/2012

September is Here!

I use to be a school teacher many many years ago and even now the first days of September make me think of  firsts.  I think I reoriented to the first of September rather than the first of January.  There are so many more firsts this time of year.  First days of school.  All the new stuff:  new clothes, new sweaters, new shoes, new school supplies.  Seeing old friends, meeting new friends, football games, falling leaves, crisp mornings...Yummy apples fresh or in crisps, sweet pears, making applesauce, making pies, canning pickles, tomatoes both sauce and salsa... Dark mornings, early evenings, wearing a sweatshirt again, wearing fuzzy socks.  

The flowers that we have, are what we have; can't make any changes as this point. But the firsts of next season are coming.  The anemones and ranunculus bulbs are on their way. 
 Can't wait to be offering these beauties again.

 Next year's lily order has been sent.  Soon daffodils and tulip bulbs will arrive on our doorstep to be planted for next year.   We are busily building two more hoopity dos where our ranunculus and anemones will grow in. 

 The coming of fall, the ending of a season but the beginning of the next one. New firsts!

        September is here and fall is on our doorstep.   We love this time of the year! 

                                               "By all these lovely tokens
                                                 September days are here
                                                With summer's best of weather
                                                And autumn's best of cheer."
-  Author Unknown 


  1. You are getting really good at your photography. Beautiful flower arrangement.

  2. It's so fun to think about next season! I find myself thinking about all the things I wish I had done this year: the projects that didn't happen, the seeds that didn't get planted, the plants that didn't get staked.... but then realizing that next year is wide open. That is one of the most exciting things about growing flowers (at least annuals and bulbs). You can completely change everything from one year to the next! Sounds like you are enjoying the season's change, I'm so glad!


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