Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quotable Sunday 08/12/2012

Wedding Flowers

Something about this weekend is special for weddings.  Maybe it is that here in Oregon it probably won't be raining this weekend.  Maybe it is the Perseid Meteor shower and it is magical to be wed under falling stars.  Something about this weekend was so special that many lovely couples promised to love and cherish each other forever.  Including us 29 years ago.  

A tease of the wedding flowers that we provided for the many happy couples this weekend.  More photos will be coming soon.  

So Happy Wedding Day and Congratulations to all the wonderful couples.  Happy Anniversary to my hubbie Tony,  thanks for the long days of cutting flowers for me and the many wonderful years.  No need to get me flowers for our anniversary, I am surrounded by beautiful flowers everyday!

                  Flowers are love's truest language ~Park Benjamin (1809-1864)


  1. Congratulations to you and Tony for your 29th wedding anniversary. I think your love for each other overflows into all that you grow, making what you do all the more wonderful.


  2. Lucky brides, beautiful flowers. My anniversary is this week too. Enjoy!


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