Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quotable Sunday 08/05/2012

As Sweet As Honey

We have had our first 100 + degree day here this Saturday.  First time in about three years.  We Oregonians are use to the cloudy cool days but most of us wilt in the hot 100 degree days.  Just like some of my flowers were a bit limp after a long hot day at the market.  Into the cooler they went to cool down and when I decided to make a bouquet or two, they refused to come out of the cooler.  So what likes it hot?

Celosia likes it hot.  These flowers are growing in one of our hoop houses where it is REALLY warm.  They are loving it.  We have not been real successful growing celosia in the past because it needs so much heat but now we have it.  Grow babies grow!

Zinnias like the heat.  Here we have them growing in our no-till cereal rye vetch mulch where the moisture in the soil is more consistent and the soil temperature is maintained at 75 degrees. Perfect for these beauties to thrive.

In the heat, some of our callas got out of water and became as limp as spaghetti.  By chance we figured out a couple of years ago not to toss them, they can be revived.  Just recut the stems, place them in cool water and keep them out of the cooler.  Over night, they were straight and strong and perfect for the vase again.  Nothing is sweeter than bringing these lovely flowers back to life.  Oh, maybe a beautiful quart jar of honey from Aftonfieldfarm


                                            " No Bees, No Honey; No Work, No Money"


  1. Your zinnias look strong and healthy. Celosia is stunning. Gotta love callas sturdy flowers.

  2. Estupendo blog, preciosas flores y maravillosa forma de ganarse la vida.
    Saludos desde Gran Canaria.

    Un abrazo.


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