Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quotable Sunday 07/29/2012


We are the point in the season where it is time to shift our focus to the future.  Pretty much everything is planted that is going to be planted for this season except a few more sunflowers.  So now we turn to the next season of flowers which need to be ordered and some will need to be seeded and planted this fall for next season's flowers.  Can you imagine deciding what to purchase for tulips, daffodils, callas, lilies and dahlias with an eye for what folks will be excited about, a whole year in advance.  If I could get all the beautiful choices of flower bulbs I would but I can't so I am now at the point of making a guess on what will be popular.  I need a crystal ball to see into the future of what brides will be wanting, what colors will be popular and what the popular flower will be for 2013.  This is where you can help us.

LILIES  -  Orange was really popular last year but not so much this year.  What do you think, hot or not?  Yellow lilies seem to move real well,  yes or no?
 How about fragrance?  The two above are not fragrant but the one below has a lovely fragrance.
  Is fragrance a positive or negative?

How about Mini Callas?  Last year we grew a variety of colors and they seem to sell really well.  We increase our calla order a tiny bit and they aren't as popular as last year.  We figured out how to grow them with a good stem length but are brides interested in other flowers?

Dahlias-  For years it was purple dahlias but the last couple of years it is orange and coral dahlias.
So what is the most requested dahlia besides Cafe au Lait.  We have it but need to expand the number of plants we are currently growing.  What dahlias to you like?

I am interested in everyone's opinion!  I have finally made the choices for daffodils, tulips, and ranunculus and they are on order.  Now I need to choose my lilies, dahlias and mini callas.  Please help, even if it is to say your favorite color is pink or white or your favorite flower is a sunflower or a dahlia.  My choices are endless but my resources are not, so all ideas will be helpful.  If you are a designer, please look into your crystal ball and give me a hint of what the trends are for 2013.

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now"

                                                                        -Alan Lakein-

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  1. What a hard task! I think a good bet would be different shades and textures of whites and creams for weddings. I really love designs made up of different flowers with similar shades of color; especially flowers with "off" colors, like brown, gold and green. Your dahlia's and calla's are my favorite; I love the ones that shift color, like from white to purple.


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