Saturday, July 21, 2012

"I Would Love Local Garden Flowers For My Wedding"

We had another request for locally grown garden flowers for a small garden wedding this week.  Any flowers, any color (except orange) and designed for the mason jars.  We love and appreciate folks wanting to purchase local and sustainably grown flowers. We are getting many requests and think that is really great to support local flower growers!

                           So the following is a pictorial of some of the flowers we used.

                                       Snowy white feverfew and purple-pink spray dianthus
                                                              Drum-stick alliums
                                                                Mini Calla lilies
                                                         Bupleurum- a beautiful green
                A table of assorted flowers from penstemons, lilies, lavender, phlox and rudbeckias.

Around and around the table I went creating garden style, country chic, summer vintage or whatever you would like to call them, locally grown and carefully made summer bouquets.  Four proconas later, I had a bunch of beautiful bouquets ready for the jars.

When they were delivered, they were exactly right, just what she wanted, amazing!!  All the words we so love to hear!

          A wish for a beautiful wedding and a long and happy marriage to the bride and groom!!!


  1. Wow so beautiful, love those mini callas!

  2. Your alliums are so pretty! (And I love saying bupleurum. Is that weird? Its my favorite shade of green.)
    Everything is so so beautiful.


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