Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quotable Sunday 07/01/2012

Its Still Raining....

For the second week in a row, our Saturday Farmers' Market was rainy.  Last week it was just showery but this week it Rained.... its June 30th for pete's sake.  While the rest of the country is so very hot, we are wet. It was warm and humid for us.  I forgot my camera but you would have seen canopies filling with water and massive waterfalls splashing down on people, tables and flowers.  I know the flowers like the rain but the rain kills a market day.  God bless all the people who came out and bought from us drippy farmers.  At the end of the day , everything and I mean everything is now trying to dry out.  The cube van has all 3 canopies drying inside.

                                     All the tablecloths and the banner and our windsocks  are drying inside

I have loads of wet laundry and there is work to be done in the fields but it is raining again.  After being rained on all day, an evening of a nice dinner and warm coffee is planned.  Tomorrow we will be out planting again.  Hopefully not in the rain.

                                                           Whether the weather be fine,
                                                           Whether the weather be not,
                                                           Whether the weather be cold,
                                                           Whether the weather be hot,
                                                           We'll weather the weather,
                                                           Whatever the whether,
                                                           Whether we like it or not
                                                                   ~Author Unknown


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