Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quotable Sunday April 29, 2012

We Are All Happy Here!

I write this on Saturday evening after a long and busy week and market.  When we anticipate how a week or a market will go, we are very often very far off the mark. We thought it would be a slow market and we would do just okay but it turns out we were wrong, we had a great day and we are all very happy. 

Callie is a very happy dog with her bones from Northwest Natural Beef, thanks Ed!  She won't let me take her picture, she is in the deep grass, having a chaw.

Tony is happy because it was a nice day with no rain, our fields are starting to dry out and he will be doing more field planting this week.  Today, he is a typical boy playing with fire.  He is propane burning some of our rows as prep for his no till planting.  I think he thinks this fun, the smell of burning grass, weeds etc. drives me nutty.  But he is happy.

I am happy too!  I don't have many flowers for my house this week, mostly tulips.  We sold most everything we brought to the market.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE flowers in my house all the time but we grow our flowers so we can share them with others. A few arrangements on the table or counter is nice but when they are in every room or bathroom, I am bummed. I want my flowers to go to others' homes and make them happy.  We brought a ton of daffodils and they are gone.  Why wouldn't they be gone, they are adorable and smell wonderful.

I am happy that all the ranunculus went to other  homes. 

I am happy I could trade some of my flowers for some incredible edible eggs and bacon from Afton Field Farm. " I will eat them in a box or with a fox, I will eat my green eggs and ham, Sam, I Am"

I am happy I  traded flowers for some amazing salad greens, spinach and the sweetest little turnips and carrots from Denison Farm.  Thanks so much Doug!

I am happy because my fruit trees are blooming and maybe this year I can put away a bunch of jars of pears, applesauce and pie cherries.

I am happy to see that my next round of anemones are coming along nicely and will hopefully perform as well as the first round of anemones.  They gave us so many long stem huge blossoms, way more than we had figured they would.  I am happy when flowers perform beyond expectations.

So all in all it was a good day, a good week and a good market.  Thank you to all who took home some flowers and thank you for buying local.  It makes us all very happy.

"The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does."
James M. Barrie


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