Monday, April 30, 2012

Big Tulip Blooms!

Last fall we had a request for orange tulips for this spring.  One of our designers does work for Oregon State University whose colors are orange and black, so hence the request for orange.  We had already placed our main order for tulips so looking back at some colorful catalogs, I found a group of orange tulips that would bloom over the season and not all at once.  Ordered them, planted them with no idea what was in store.  First group was okay, not particularly remarkable but the last group was amazing. Here's the photos.

These were picked after our market on Saturday April 21st.  They were not ready when we left in the morning, but the temperature reached 80 degrees and then they were more than ready when we got home.  So they became my tulips. 

Here they are after three days in our home. The blossoms are bigger, fuller and the color has intensified.  My camera is not doing them justice.  Also they are fragrant, a citrus fragrance.  Yummy!

And finally here they are on Sunday ready for Jane's Flowers in the House Party.  

They are still going strong, the fragrance is still heavenly and I am in awe of these big tulip blooms.  I am holding the rest for my designer for Mother's Day.  Some very lucky Moms are in for a treat.  We have never grown doubles like these before but we will be doing them next season.  Going bigger and better with big tulip blooms!


  1. I am just blown away by those tulips.

    And fragrance too? Never thought to try and smell a tulip....

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for joining in!

    xo Jane

  2. I am IN LOVE with the color! IN LOVE!!!
    My three year old loves to smell tulips too, he says they are his favorite. For now. (He favors his mother...fickle? Perhaps....)
    Thank you for sharing- dreary old Chicago needed this shot of color!!!

  3. wow! All this colour... I like your vase too :)

  4. Those tulips are really something, what a beautiful color! I think the peonies need to be talked about also. They are gorgeous!

  5. Just to clarify, all the blooms in the vase are tulips. The big round puffs are a late season double tulip. We were totally surprised by them as we had no idea what we were going to be getting except that they were to be orange. Thank you so much for all the nice compliments!

  6. Wow! Those tulips are amazing! Oh, to have a field and colder temperatures...

  7. So do you know what the names are? Are both fragrant? Wow, what a nice surprise.
    Gorgeous. Great pictures.

  8. What a perfect combination - that vibrant tangerine color and a citrus fragrance too.
    Great bouquet - love the contrast between those pointy blooms and the plump multi-petaled wonders that so resemble peonies.
    You sure can grow (and arrange) a fine batch of tulips!

  9. all those are tulips?! amazing and such a gift of joy. thanks for sharing them with us. i'll be back. : )

  10. Thank you for all the nice compliments. Those tulips were an amazing surprise for us and we enjoyed the bouquet for over a week. Hopefully I can get those tulips again for next season. Thanks again!


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