Monday, April 22, 2013

We have Water!!

Yesterday's post, we told of our water pump from the well went out. No water in the greenhouses or any other irrigation stations around the farm.  Yeah, the water is back!!  Actually we had water because we have two wells.  The main field well had a short in the electrical line and that meant no water being pumped to the tanks.  Awesome expert pump guy came out first thing this morning and fixed the electrical problem. So the water is back on!  Resourceful Farmer Tony had a backup system in place using the house well and I was able to use water in the greenhouse for all our little baby seedlings.  He always tries to have some sort of backup plan to use in case of problems arising.  It was just going to be a bit cumbersome to use his backup but it is not necessary now.  We may have to do some rewiring of our water system in the fall but not today.

Jane at Smallbutcharming is hosting flowers in the house today.  She is hoping to lift everyone's spirits with a little beauty that flowers can provide.  So here is my little contribution.  Hopefully it will make everyone smile.  Wishing all a good, safe and happy week!

Check out all the beautiful flowers from around the world at Jane's house Smallbut charming
Thank you Jane for hosting!


  1. I'm smiling. And happy to hear the problem was resolved so easily.

    New hoop houses back on the menu?

    Love your arrangement and i know those flowers are fresh as well as beautiful.

    xo jane

  2. Great news. Now enjoy the sunny weather.


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