Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quotable Sunday  5-19-2012

Just Keep Planting!

We are at the point in the season where the spring flowers have come to an end and the summer flowers are not ready.  We are a 90% field grown operation as we have not built a lot of hoop houses YET.  We have used the lower tunnel system which works great for flowers which  can take the cool weather.  But now it is mid-May and our summer flowers need to go in to the ground in a major way.

There are trays and trays of zinnias and other warm season flowers waiting to be planted but our night time temps are still in the 30s in May!  Unbelievable!  In the past we have planted the zinnias into cool temps and watched them sit and become stunted.  So we wait.....

and wait......

Multiple rows of zinnias are in a holding pattern.  Trays of our sunflowers wait.   And trays of celosia, rudbeckias, asters and on and on.

So when in doubt, Tony keeps saying just keep planting.  So I keep seeding more flowers and he keeps punching them in to the ground.  

And at some point the weather will change to summer like temperatures and we will have lots of seedlings to put in the ground and lots of summer flowers to offer.

Meanwhile we wait for the peonies and the lilies to bloom.  Both are getting real close.

So for this week's flower bouquet, I have the last of our tulips.  I have only had a few tulips for our house each week but this week I have several bunches left over from market.  We have noticed that folks really like tulips through Mother's Day but after that they become a hard sell.  Everyone is looking for the peonies.

I love these colors of tulips and I am glad I got to enjoy a few myself.  

"Gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow." - Anon


  1. Those tulips have the softest colors...dreamy. That quote is something to live by! Gotta go back to my planting :)

  2. Those are beautiful tulips, what is the name? What is that thing Tony is using? It won't be too long and you can put those babies in the ground. i think this nice warm spell fooled us into thinking Summer was close. Drizzle on the Coast again.


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