Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bouquet Parfait

I am drawn to very bright colors.  I like the pastels but the bold colors are what catch my eye.  Our peonies are starting to bloom and we have many of the soft pinks and the creamy whites but I always go for the hot pink gals.  

The roses are for the fragrance.  The rose, Gertrude Jekyll is an old fashion garden rose that has a wonderful fragrance and a billion swirling petals.  It happens to be hot pink as well.  Got to have a couple of the gals also.

I have to cool this grouping down a bit with some old fashion Sweet William which also is fragrant.  I added another rose, a shrub variety called Bouquet Parfait which is a small blush pink rose that can have so many beautiful blooms at once, it is its own bouquet.  It has a tiny sweet fragrance.

It is all served up in a crystal bowl of my mom's.  It is a remembrance of mom, she would have love this bouquet.   Bouquet Parfait!


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