Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Days are Getting Longer!

Last November we wrote a post called "Going to the Dark Side of the Moon", where we told how our flowers are going in to the part of the season of no growth and darkness.  
               Here the flowers were in November, ready to spend their time under the blankets.

 Last Sunday 1-15-21, here the flowers were under two blankets in the hoop house in the snow.

 We said they would reemerge around Jan. 23rd, when the hours of daylight would begin to increase beyond 9 1/2 hours.

So Houston we have gone around the dark side of the moon and have radio contact again. The flowers have survived the dark period and have even grown.  We had some damage by voles but the flowers are looking good.  We even spied a couple of buds in JANUARY, can you imagine.  Here's proof


The other bed of flowers is doing pretty well considering the voles have been very busy this early season.  Snap traps, bubble gum and Callie the flower dog are working hard to eliminate the

   We started some anemones in crates for the first time and they are looking pretty good and should start blooming in a couple of weeks if the weather is nice.

So here is hoping that there will be no more snow, much less rain and light breezes instead of gale force winds;  an early spring and a very pleasant summer for this growing season.  The last two years have been very hard to be a flower grower, we think we have earned a break this year.  Mother Nature are you listening?


  1. Wow! I am so jealous of all those row tunnels. What is the deer netting for? I can't wait to see your ranunculus.

  2. The deer netting is for deer, rabbits, nutria and other critters that seem to like to munch at our little salad bar. We are surrounded by grass seed fields or blackberry pastures so our place is a wonderful place to grab a bite to eat all year round.


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