Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to do with a ton of lavender?

                                           Lavender, abundant, aromatic and fresh......
                                           Relaxing, clean and soothing.....

                                       How to surround yourself with this lovely fragrance.

Lavender Lovelies are made with colorful ribbon and freshly  harvested lavender buds that stay fragrant for a year or more.

They are small and thin and slip between your towels, sheets and lingerie. They tuck into corners of your luggage, dishtowels  and table linens.

Set one beside your bed for a restful sleep.  They are a lovely gift for a bridal shower, hostess or slip into a Christmas stocking.

Just give them a tiny squeeze to  release a beautiful hint of lavender fragrance.  They come as          singles or in packages of five.

The Perfect Hint of Summer All Year Round!
              You can find Lavender Lovelies for sale now in our Facebook Store    We are just getting started setting up the store and these were our first items uploaded. They are under the the everlastings category.                



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