Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flowers in November

The challenge for me today, was to see if I could do a vase of flowers for the house in the middle of November.  I could see a few Calendulas from the window and decided to scout about for other flowers that still have some life left.  In the bucket I have some Sour Grapes Penstemons, some Dianthus  and a little yellow Rose.  Notice the Zinnias behind are completely toasted.
Not too many Calendulas to choose from.  They look better from the window.

Found a few Hydrangeas in pretty autumn colors.
It came out pretty nice especially after a half dozen freezing nights.  Calendulas, Dianthus and Hydrangeas seem to be pretty tough flowers.  See the one little yellow Rose that didn't know to quit.


  1. wow...what a beautiful arrangement! (i just planted a bunch of calendula seeds in my excited for them to grow!)

  2. I would of never of thought of those together. That is really gorgeous.

  3. Thanks K and Sarah for the really nice compliments. Always nice to hear that others like what you do!


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