Monday, January 13, 2014

My First Little Anemones

I was able to cut my first anemones, well , my first very small anemones.  Eight whole anemone stems to be exact and they are tiny, only about 7 inches tall.  Got to cut them so they will keep on blooming which works out for Jane's first flowers in the house of 2014.  When I saw her post for flowers, I figured I would pass since I didn't have anything. But lo and behold a few miss firing stems of flowers in the greenhouse and a vase of flowers is created.
The vase contains the tiny anemones, some snapdragons and dianthus that bloomed prematurely in the greenhouse, camellia leaves, dried sedum heads, a few stems of helleborus and twigs with moss. 

                                       Here is the rest of what is flowering on my windowsill.
                                              We are awaiting the rest of these anemone beauties.

Check out what other folks are offering at Jane's


  1. Yowser! Those are some fresh flowers. Beautiful as is the arrangement chock full of "just a few little things" you were able to collect.

    the floral equivalent of "this old dress?"

    So glad you came to party and stayed to wow us.

    xo j

  2. How could you say you don't have anything? Look at all those beautiful fresh flowers. I keep telling myself to plant anemones and then just don't for whatever reason, stupid I guess. Even though it would still be too early for them here, I'll just enjoy yours.

  3. It's so exciting when the first of a flower variety blooms. The feeling never gets old!

  4. Oh, you made a really lovely arrangement! I love anemones.

  5. I am green with envy! Your flowers look stunning! What a great arrangement! Love it!

  6. Wonderful. And I love seeing how those flowers grow. Thank you for investing in sustainability.

  7. So, this entire hoop house/tent will be filled with anemones. Fabulous! And I'm pretty smitten with your first tiny few.


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