Monday, September 9, 2013

Flowers in the House

I almost always have flowers in the house after a market day, especially in the late summer.  Most of our customers are able to grow flowers too and although we ask them to leave their landscape alone and buy from us, we still end up with leftover flowers.  If every room has a large bouquet in it, it was not a good day.  But a few bouquets in and around are nice and enjoyed.  

I made a few little vases of flowers because we have lots of short stems right now and I hate to see cute stuff go to waste.  We suggested that these were for Grandparents' Day which was yesterday.

                                         Cute and colorful little vases for your kitchen table.

Well, as with the way the season moves sometimes, they all did not sell.  So I have two little vases for my windowsill.  Sweet and colorful and really not leftover flowers, but something special.  Flowers for my house.

Check out Jane's Flowers in the House today at  The best part is that you will see beautiful flowers from around the world. 


  1. They are such pretty little bouquets. Glad you had some leftovers that you can enjoy this week!

  2. Had I been there I don't think you would have had any leftovers. Those are beautiful, enjoy them.

  3. My favorite kind of bouquets. And not as easy to make as they look.

    I love them. Thanks for joining in.

    xo Jane

  4. Such pretty little bouquets... the ribbon touch on the vase is simple and charming. Enjoy your own special little bouquets!

  5. Your flower posies are just the way I like them best: unassuming, plenty of colour and not a lot of greenery. Well done!

  6. Secretly I'd be happy that they didn't all sell so that I could enjoy them myself. Like you Denise, I hate to waste anything. I'm always using little bts of stem and leaf! Everything looks so summery and bright in your photos. x

  7. I am glad you got to enjoy some. I know you would have like to sell them too.

  8. Florists bring this beauty in our lives. From wedding planners to mourners, everyone needs flowers. one such Florist Toms River NJ has placed smile with his flowers on many faces

  9. Hi Denise,
    Your flowers look so fresh. How do you prolong the vase life of your flowers?

  10. I never liked short stems on flower vases, but yours give me second thoughts about that. They look great.


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