Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quotable Sunday 06/02/2013


It is the first few days of June and the talk is about weddings, actually wedding flowers.  Do we do wedding flowers...Can we buy wedding flowers.... What flowers will you have in late July, August 3rd, September....on and on,  happy wedding flower talk.  It is fun to hear the plans,  this gal wants pinks and whites, while that gal wants all colors except for pink.  It is wild to chat with so many gals about their wedding plans while selling flowers at a market. It becomes a dizzy array of ideas, suggestions and tips of how their flowers can be designed for their special day. Sometimes it becomes  such a crazy confusion of ideas that  it makes it hard to remember what I am growing and when exactly it will be available.  When put on the spot, I draw a blank and remember the varieties and other great ideas later on in the day.  That why it is so nice to later meet up and make plans.  We even have a few gals who are planning to show up in on their wedding day and make some bouquets at the market.  Brave gals... but they give us a heads up and we will be prepared with their colors or style.  That will be a crazy day for sure. So today was filled with happy wedding flower talk. It is going to be a fun season of flower designs.  

Here is the first wedding we did on Mother's day weekend this year.

Much joy and happiness to Cierra and Nathan on their beautiful future together.  Thank you, I so enjoyed our happy wedding flower talk.  I look forward to the next wedding that is coming up soon!

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu

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