Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quotable Sunday 01/27/2013

Let's Get To Work!

Cobwebs filled our heads as each day came with a heavy dense depressing fog.  It was cold, damp and dreary for several weeks and we just couldn't get real excited with the new season.  In the mid 30's during the day and the low to mid 20's at night, nothing seemed to be growing or hidden under frost blankets.  Then a day ago, the winds from  the ocean shifted and blew the fog away, the sun occasionally  peeked through the clouds and we could see our neighbors again.  We grabbed our sweatshirts, boots and caps and wandered the farm looking for signs of spring.  

Anemones of last year that were ignored and cover-cropped over have sprout again with no care or cover.  They are tough little buggers.  Our main anemones in the hoop house are about two weeks away from blooms.  They stretched and yawned and grew in the warm of a sun heated hoopty do. 

The brodiaea is already sprouting. Such a lovely little blue flower for bouquets.  The Japanese anemones and the feverfew have survived the winter weather and are begging to be cleaned up.

There is work to be done everywhere, the fruit trees, eucalyptus and roses need to be pruned.  The garden  needs to be reclaimed for another season. Plug trays and pots cleaned and the weekly schedule of seeding and planting is on course.

These are a third round of snapdragons germinating in mini blocks.  The greenhouse is filling up and so is the propagation house and stock and snaps  seedlings will be planted in the hoopty do this week. 

Some of the scented geraniums cuttings are taking off and the mother plants are continuing to grow for more cuttings. 

And as always there is a ton of weeds to take out now or be a HUGE hassle later.  They even grow in the cracks of the mower.

So the plans are in place, we have shaken off the cabin fever of winter and are getting excited about a new season of flowers.  Are you excited about spring?  Follow along with us on another journey of flower farming madness.

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.
Peter Drucker

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  1. Isn't it lovely with a whole new season on our doorstep. Hope it comes soon!


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