Monday, October 29, 2012

Flowers in the House

It is the last Monday in October and Jane is hosting a fith (flowers in the house) party.  Normally, I would not be participating because we would have no flowers as we are mostly a field grown flower operation.  However we have built season extension low tunnels and hoopty do high tunnels and are now able to have a few flowers earlier and later in our season.  So for late October we have dahlias, dianthus, a few more lilies, snapdragons and gladiolas still blooming.  Here are a few vases of flowers we have in our house this week.

Our goal is to provide more flowers to our designers longer in the season with Thanksgiving being our target date.  We have not ever done this without being wiped out by a heavy frost which hasn't happened yet.  But we are keeping the cold Oregon rains off our flowers which is a HUGE help so the last component will be, will the flowers keep blooming as the light levels keep going down.  We shall see.....

Join the party and see what others are doing in their homes.  Hop on over to smallbutcharming.


  1. Great job of extending the season, these are gorgeous. I love those autumn colors and can just see them on a Thanksgiving table. Not that I have anything against the lavenders and pinks...And here's to your hoopty doo from my stewy :)

  2. I wish our dahlias were still around! Lucky you!

  3. What an abundant selection. Not by chance I realise.

  4. They are lovely.

    Both your customers and your readers in blogland benefit from your hoophouses.

    Just had to go back up and admire the dahlias again.


    xo Jane

  5. Gorgeous flowers. Makes long for spring ...

  6. Outstanding orange! Both pretty but orange arrangement is just amazing! Your hard work paid off!

  7. Those autumnal colours are so pretty. And is that a toile pattern on the vase?Beautiful. I love your insights into the flower growing business.

  8. Oh, those chocolate centers in the rudbeckias!


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