Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quotable Sunday  06-10-2012

Flowers 'n' the Rain and Callie's Birthday!

Friday is our big flower cutting day and it was a rainy day.  Well not exactly, it would rain buckets for a few minutes, stop, the sun would come out, flowers would start to dry, and we would have another downpour.  It went on all day, until dark when we were finally done cutting.  Just as we knew it would.  We lucked out, there were no hail storms or lightening.  Just downpours, typical Oregon June weather.  So the flowers had to be processed and dried in the garage.  Not much room for everything.

Snaps, campanula, penstemons, sweet william, stock, delphiniums and more spent time drying off before going to the cooler.  Two people, buckets, dog, and flowers moving around in a garage, trying to stay out of each others road and not knock anything over.  
We managed to get it all in and to the market, where we put together bouquets that went home with happy people.  Yea!  Another good market day!

Today is Callie's Birthday Day!  She is two years old today and a great dog.  Here is a few pictures of our great girl.
                                          This Callie the day we brought her home with us.
                                                           Just a little pup.
                                            This is Callie on her first birthday. No longer a little pup.

                      Favorites things:  Bones, string cheese, peanuts, running, digging, catching chips 
                       and pancakes in the air and butt rubs.
                      Dislikes:  deer and cats.
Her most favorite thing is to hang out with us.  You sit down and she will be at your feet.  Rub her butt and you have a friend for the day.

                                      Happy Birthday Callie the Flower Dog.

         "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."  ~Roger Caras


  1. What a cutie. I love that she likes to pose with flowers. Beautiful Canterbery Bells.

  2. How fun! Callie is so adorable and a deer dislike-er too!


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